Loyalty program

First of all THANK YOU 

We are not a large retailer, but we would like to reward customers that are loyal to us.

  1. Once your purchase/s from us reaches 1000 Euro, you will get 5% discount on your next purchase;
  2. Once you hit 2000 to 5000 Euro purchase/s, you will get 5% discount on all your next purchases from us;
  3. Above 5000 Euro and to 10000 Euro, you will get 10% on your next purchase;
  4. Above 10000 Euro, you will get 10% on every purchase you make with us. Please note exclusion apply;
  5. You will be added to the loyal customer list, and you can let us know what your purchase interests are and we will make sure to include you first if and when any of your products goes on discount;
  6. You will also be eligible for free Christmas gifts such as T-shirts, towels and other nice products!

We will work always to improve this program to include more nice stuff for our customers. Thank You

BMW Club Discount:

We are happy to work with BMW clubs globally to provide discounts, on selected products, to their members. This will work through club discount codes or through instructions from a designated club committee member/s.

Please contact us for further information: