Sturdy travel bag suitable for the most intense and heavy use .
Characterized by a flat base and XXL dimensions , it allows the storage of very large objects like no other AMPHIBIOUS bag!
Moreover, having no type of pocket or appendage, it is totally simple and robust. Ideal for storing wet objects and equipment.

– Section: elliptical with flat bottom.
– Lateral Quick PROOF closing system , with double safety lock ( High LOCK ).
– Large opening to stow even large objects.
– Ultra-Fix systemon both sides it allows the ANURA baby carriers to be hooked with maximum safety, carabiners, quickdraws and other objects.
– 2 comfortable and sturdy side PVC handles.
– 10 D-rings in abs for the use of the MULTI-FIX System .
– Comfortable and sturdy cordura handles, equipped with Velcro fasteners to facilitate transport.
– Reinforcement strap at the base to allow transport of heavy objects too.
– Fully adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap.

Optional: MS-01/02
ANURA baby carrier

Optional: MA-03
Luggage straps.

Optional: SR-03
Padded shoulder straps with Breathable Reticular Fabric, adjustable and Removable, equipped with chest strap.

100 lt DIMENSIONS (hxlxp): 37 × 77 × 37 cm WEIGHT : 1650 gr
130 lt DIMENSIONS (hxlxp): 37 × 100 × 37 cm WEIGHT : 1900 gr
160 lt DIMENSIONS (hxlxp): 37 × 118 × 37 cm WEIGHT : 2100 gr

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