Revolutionary bag for drying the wet clothes on the trip.
The combination of the experience of AMPHIBIOUS in creating innovative and highly technical products for the outdoor adventure and sports adventure, together with the technical membranes of GUGLATECH® specialized in extreme filtration, led to the creation of the RIDE and DRY technical bag.
Thanks to the innovative GUGLATECH® HP3D membrane and the very light and resistant protection mesh, the RIDE and DRY bag allows the best air exchange and ventilation during the journey in motion, allowing the drying of the contents and at the same time protectingperfectly clean clothes from dust and dirt .
The labyrinth closure with Velcro prevents any dust from entering the opening. It is a structure that is at the same time very robust but of little bulk once placed in the bags of the bike.
The presence of 4 D-ring rings allows an easy fixing to bags both soft and rigid through simple belts or better still using the MULTI-FIX system kit (MFX-02).
The careful assembly and selection of materials make maintenance very simple.
The use of a common non-aggressive detergent such as Marseille soap and a quick hand wash will make the bag look like new even after many km of dust and smog.
Included is a Nylon thread with hooks and slider adjuster to hang the laundry after washing it on arrival.
The next day everything will go into the bag and during the journey drying will continue on the bike .

– Open product dimensions (AxL): 34×44 cm.
– Product dimensions closed (AxD): 44×6 cm.
– Maximum usable volume: about 6 lt.
– Weight without accessories: 180 gr.
– Labyrinth closure with Velcro.
– Cordura straps and D-ring rings for mounting on the bike.
– Very high permeability to air and water with optimal protection against fine dust and contaminants thanks to the GUGLATECH® HP3D membrane .
– Resistant to hydrocarbons and oils .
– Hand washable.
– Black / White color.
– Before use it is advisable to wash it.

DIMENSIONS (hxl): 34 x 44 cm
WEIGHT : 180 gr

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