SOFTSEAT L is the first self- inflating cushion with variable compression, thanks to the soft material and the Valve for expelling air, it improves your sitting comfort , reduces the vibrations of the bike and isolates from the cold.
It is therefore possible to personalize the comfort of the seat according to the needs of each motorcyclist .
We recommend using the semi-deflated SOFTSEAT L for highway sections and “zeroing” the height on winding roads or if it is difficult to place your feet safely on the ground.
With non- slip bottom , stable, easy to fix , suitable forall models of motorcycles and scooters (check the reported measurements and compare them with your motorcycle).
Equipped with a practical mesh bag for easy storage when not in use.

SOFTSEAT L can also be used in the following situations:
office, stadium, outdoor sports, car, truck, bus, train, plane and any long journey.

LARGE Softseat DIMENSIONS : 38 x 20 – 36 x 3 cm WEIGHT : 180 gr

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