Built in UL 70 D TPU it gives this product the highest score in the volume class , making its strengths compact, light and flexible.
It is equipped with a valve in order to expel the excess air , always guaranteeing a very small volume .
Ideal for storing, in suitcases, traditional (non-waterproof) bags or backpacks, clothes on trips ensuring the integrity of the contents.
Also great for protecting your Note book and other objects, from damp or dirty environments .
It can be considered a waterproof bag, but with the lightness and strength of the UL TPU !

– Flat section.
– Quick PROOF closing system (high).
– Shoulder strap, fully adjustable and removable.
– color: Black
5 lt DIMENSIONS (hxl): 37 × 29 cm WEIGHT : 80 gr
15 lt DIMENSIONS (hxl): 44 × 39 cm WEIGHT : 110 gr
30 lt DIMENSIONS (hxl): 66 × 39 cm WEIGHT : 135 gr

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