Enduristan Blizzard Saddle Bags

You do not carry the same stuff if you are out for a tough weekend in the mountains with your hard enduro or if you are on a leisure trip with your touring bike, right? That’s why Enduristan chose a modular approach for the Blizzard Saddle Bags. On the underside of your Blizzard Saddle Bags, the two compression straps can easily be converted into an interface to attach a Bottle Holster or a Fender Bag (size M or L only). Like this you can add 2 x 1.5 liters of additional volume, 2 x 1 liters of fuel, or a combination of both. On top of the Blizzard Saddle Bags, there is placement to attach two more Bottle Holsters to increase the range of your hard enduro. The rear of your bike remains free to attach a Tornado 2 Pack Sack. If you are planning on going out into the wild, you can chose a Rally Pack or any XS Base Pack, in order not to limit your freedom of movement.

The Blizzard Saddle Bags feature an innovative shape, which will not restrict your movement whilst riding off road. If you lean to the rear during steep descents, the bags will not interfere with your calves. The bags will not get entangled in the scrub, since there are no unnecessary straps on the outside of the bags. Last but not least, they are made of our extremely durable 3-layer fabric, all straps are double stitched and the front straps’ buckles are good for up to 225kg.

Let’s face it: It’s no use to buy an expensive new carbon muffler just because it is a few kilos lighter than the original one and then attach heavy steel pannier frames and jeopardize the weight gain completely. The Blizzard Saddle Bags do not require any racks. Just make sure you load the heavier items on the non-exhaust side (where there is only one exhaust) and use an Inferno Heat Shield if required.


Does not require rack
Fits any enduro or adventure bike
Red inner lining for high visibility
4 compression straps per bag
2 rows of cargo loops to attach additional gear
4 interfaces to attach Bottle Holsters
2 interfaces to attach Fender Bags (size M and L only)
Ergonomic soft grip handles

Total Volume: (S) 12L, (M) 17L, (L) 24L
Dimensions: (S) approx 36 x 24 x 9cm (per bag), (M) approx 30 x 24 x 12.5cm (per bag), (L) approx 30 x 24 x 18cm (per bag)
Weight: approx 1.5kg (complete set)

Inferno Heat Shield to keep your panniers away from the heat of your muffler
XS Base Packs to add some additional volume to your Monsoon 3 panniers

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