Enduristan Sandstorm 4A Enduro Tank bag Specially designed for the BMW R 1200 GS in mind to perfectly catch the sloppy tank.
Thanks to our patented Expandable Volume Technology, the tankbag’s volume is continuously adjustable between 13 and 20 liter. To expand the enduro tank bag, simply release the two velcro straps and pull the outer part upwards. To reduce the volume, simply pull the straps until the required volume is reached. In our opinion, a simple and very comfortable solution. The side walls are stiffened and a waterproof membrane between the sliding parts avoids the intrusion of water and dust.


Large waterproof map pocket (35 x 24 cm)
Red inner lining for high visibility
Waterproof cable ducts to main compartment and map pocket
1 fold-away separators in the main compartment: Fold it in to divide your bag, fold it away to have one large compartment
1 zipper pocket on the separator
1 zipper pocket in the main compartment
Various holding loops in the main compartment
Removable document pouch under the cover with pen holder, mesh pocket and key ring
1 detachable outside pocket with holding loops and mesh pocket
Outside pocket feature opening to loop your belt through
Deluxe shoulder strap separately available
ROKstraps can be stored under the floor construction for comfortable carrying
2 compression straps
Firm seat under even the most extreme off road riding
Easy fastening, quick removal
Quick access for refueling
No flapping straps
Washable and easy to clean
Built to last


Deluxe Shoulder Strap with premium ergonomics
Additional set of rear fastening buckles: If you own more than one bike, attach a set of connecting buckles on each of them for simplicity and comfort.
Additional front fastening strap for your second bike: Install it once, never bother about adjustments again.


Sandstorm 4A fits the following adventure bikes – and many more:

R 1200 GS LC
1050 Adventure
BMW R 1200 GS LC Adventure
1190 Adventure R
1190 Adventure R
1290 Super Adventure

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