The new Fastway footpegs by ProMotoBillet featuring Ankle Saver technology are now the ultimate pegs in the Universe. These Foot-pegs give you that next level advantage over the competition. Lean back utilizing the extension and blast through any whoop section with ease. Don’t be afraid of ankle injuries any longer, our foot-pegs also provide safety and support when needed. Designed and sculpted out of the best 2024 Billet aluminum by Pro Moto Billet elite engineers and machinists, then hard anodized and laser etched for looks- means that the Fastway pegs are NOT your low quality imported run-of-the-mill footpegs. Featuring Fastway’s Patented adjustable height, traction, and camber options, the Fastway footpegs are superior in every way. Fastway pegs are designed to shed mud and debris, while being ultra strong. No need to worry about taking them through the rock gardens, or across the desert at warp speed. FEA (CAD) analysis, as well as real world measured destruction tests show that these pegs are overbuilt. Weighing in at a scant .85 pounds per SET. Put a set on your bike and ride them. You’ll quickly agree that they are the best footpegs in the Universe. All sets ship with 24 10mm length cleats, and 24 12mm length cleats. Our F5 (serrate pin) and F6 (serrate spike) cleats are sold separate. Please specify your Bike, year and model.

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