Givi S920L Smart Clip Bracket. Universal smartphone holder for smartphones between 67 to 90 mm in width and 144 to 178 mm high. Maximum thickness: 13 mm Designed to be compatible with the majority of latest generation smartphones.

Main Features:

High mechanical and chemical resistance materials: metal parts in stainless steel and anodized aluminum; plastic parts from techno polymers co-printed with a techno-elastomer to substantially increase the longevity of each component and the grip on the support area of the smartphone.
– Valid for handlebars of 8 to 35 mm in diameter.
– Allows you to fit to sections that are not perfectly round with a maximum diagonal of 37 mm
– Offers several regulation possibilities.
– Designed not to cover the lens of the camera.
– Quick fitting and release system – no tools required
– Anti-tearing GRIP+ safety elastic

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