GS-911wifi Diagnostic Tool with OBD-II Connector—Professional

What is that? The HEX GS-911 is a diagnostic tool similar to the one used by the BMW garage – not the same. From the comfort of your laptop or smart phone, you simply connect the GS-911 and get an insight into what’s going on inside your motorcycle. It offers peace of mind for both bike enthusiasts and adventurers. A breakdown in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean getting stranded. It’s easy to setup and even easier to use and offers a wealth of information about your bike in seconds. Its durability and reliability means it will be there for you when you need it most. The GS-911 enables you to communicate with the control modules in your motorbike in a safe and controlled way. You can also use it while you are on the move on your trip.

What can it do?
• Read and clear fault codes
• Reset service reminders
• Control unit information
• Component output tests
• View live sensor values
• Log and graph live values
• Component output tests
• Component calibration
• Adaptation reset and relearn
• Basic coding
• Bleed tests
• And more…
Who uses it?
• Motorcycle owners
• Expedition riders
• Professional workshops

Professional Licence (Service Functionality for Unlimited VINS)
Enthusiast Licence (Service Functionality for 10 VINS)

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