Guglatech In-tank fuel filter is an innovative media made from HDM3D with welded edges for best results.
What does it do?
Very useful and sometime a must for travel, expeditions, overland trips and it will basically work to ensure that the fuel you add into your tank is clean. This happen by separating dirt and water while refueling. All you need is to install the filter in the tank while refueling once finished then you will simply remove the filter, clean it from the residual dirt before stowing it away. The filter will work to separate free water and dirt that might be in the fuel.

• HDM3D ultra-fast media completely removable and washable for repeated reuse,
• Normal fueling speed due to ultra large media size of 550 sq cm
• Easy to insert and extract in the fuel tank
• Special fuel neck prefilter designed to be mounted inside the original fuel cap
• Extra protection to the fuel pump
• Prolong the life of the original fuel filter

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