Type 460/360 “Emulsion” Shock absorber
• Speed outgoing stroke
Emulsion shock has rebound adjustment, to give you maximum comfort. The Hyperpro emulsion shock, has rebound adjustment with 50 clicks, and manual preload adjustment. It has all the benefits of the high-performance shocks.
Where the correct spring rate is essential for a correct performance of the motorcycle, the hydraulics, the shock absorber, needs to control the spring. That’s where Hyperpro Suspension Technology comes in.
All Hyperpro shocks are supplied in the motorcycle’s standard length but can also be ordered in a different length. This is possible when the technical specifications of the motorcycle allow this.
If you do a lot of two-up riding for instance, and/or with a lot of luggage, or if you are simply a light or more robust person, Hyperpro can adjust the shock to the correct weight settings.
Made in the Netherland to the highest race quality. This is a very good after-market option.

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