Hyperpro BMW R1200 GS LC 2013- Steering damper.
The prices include the mounting kits for the steering dampers.
The steering damper CSC (Constant Safety Control) has a more constant damping. Its a linear damper with 22 click adjustment.
Hyperpro develops mounting kits to mount a steering damper to the bike. Plug and play, so in 98% of the applications it is possible to mount the kit without drilling or cutting in the motorcycle. We prefer to design a mounting kit in the toptank position, so it is possible to see the steering damper and makes it more easy to adjust.
Choose your color: Solid Black; Polished; Mad Red; Hyper Purple; Gold; Titan.

• Fully adjustable – Damping can be adjusted in 22 positions.
• Fully re-buildable with spare parts availability.
• High quality bearings
• Low friction design due to Ø8mm piston rod with special surface treatment.
• One-piece piston rod – Perfect alignment through the slide bearings and no excessive force on the piston.
• Triple function seals. Dust scraper and double oil seal, ensuring that dust cannot enter and oil cannot exit.
• Nitrogen pressurized heat expansion reservoir – Gas pressure prevents against foaming.

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