As we always say there are carbon parts and there are Ilmberger carbon parts. This what you can accurately describe as beautiful and functional.
Ilmberger Carbon Skid plate to fit BMW R 1200 GS LC. This is the second version with more length and width to cover more parts under the bike. This Skid plate is apart from any metal skid plate competition. Not only that it is the best value for money (you get carbon with comparable price to metal), it is very strong and incredibly light weight, needed for the 1200 GS, it weighs only about 430 grams! Now compare this number to any other metal skid plate in the market and you would realize what are we talking about.
Replace the original component using the original mounting points. Magnificent weight savings (usually saving about 70% compared to the original component) and higher rigidity. The carbon part was made completely from prepreg carbon material according to the latest technology and then laminated with a clear plastic coating for extra protection and durability against scratches and the environment. The laminated coating beautifully highlights the three-dimensional effect of the carbon structure.

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