As we always say there are carbon parts and there are Ilmberger carbon parts. This what you can accurately describe as beautiful and functional.
This is what you always think of when you think about adding carbon parts to your bike. It absolutely looks great and your bike will definitely looks different – in a great way !!
This kit X 2 left and right – will cover and protect the lower part of the cylinder head which is most vulnerable if the bike accidently fell and would be functional and interesting if don’t want to add a heavy crash bars for BMW R 1200 GS LC 2015-
Replace the original component using the original mounting points. Magnificent weight savings (usually saving about 70% compared to the original component) and higher rigidity. The carbon part was made completely from prepreg carbon material according to the latest technology and then laminated with a clear plastic coating for extra protection and durability against scratches and the environment. The laminated coating beautifully highlights the three-dimensional effect of the carbon structure.

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