33L/39L in Black color – Quick Release The Mytech cases have been designed to provide users with the easiest handling possible without neglecting the aspect of strength and longevity.

What makes My Tech different:

– All joints are made entirely from Aluminum as opposed to plastic used by other pannier manufacturers. Why this is important, well this would increase the strength of the joints in the unlikely event of damages that could lead to functional limitations of the panniers
– Made of 2 mm thick aluminum sides for maximum strength as opposed to 1.5 mm used by other pannier manufacturers and 1.5 mm think aluminum for the bottom and lid for weight reduction
– Mytech has a patented locking system that uses integrated magnets in the panniers – that is a first in a pannier – that would increase safety by further preventing accidental opening of the lid while driving
– Two lock system : the pannier lid can be opened from both sides or completely removed
– Adonized in black or silver that further protects against scratches and corrosion
– All links, handles and attachment holes are made of Stainless Steel
– A design that takes into consideration the motorcycle models exhaust systems
– Includes basic pannier accessories such as railing and attachment links that you normally pay for it with other pannier manufacturers
– Really great look

What you will get with this KIT !!!
– 2 X panniers for both the left and right side with cut out that fits your bike model
– The pannier frames complete with all necessary mounting kit for your bike model
– Pannier railings
Other features:
– Completely watertight to the highest standard
– Comes in 4 sizes 33 L (exhaust side) – 39 L other side and 41 L (exhaust side) – 47 L other side
– Black version Adonized
– Comes with Side carrier frames and mounting kit
– Recommended load 10 KG
– Comes in two release versions – Version one: fixed release and version two: quick release. Dimensions 39L: 23.5 x 46.8 x 38.0 / Weight per suitcase: approx. 3.25 Kg / total weight Hanger: 3.0 Kg

Dimensions 33L: 23.5 x 46.8 x 38.0 / Weight per suitcase: approx. 3.25 kg / total weight bow: 3.0 kg / cut-out for rear silencer

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