Sapo Italy Co2 cartridges –Threaded– 16g, 3 pieces. These are high quality Italian made cartridges.
We get asked a lot “how many do I need from these to fill my tyre” the simple answer is minimum 3 x 16g cartridges to feel air in your tyre. The question is always about volume, the bigger your tyre the more cartridges you need. For a mid-size motorcycle tyre to get it up to 2-2.2 Bar operating pressure, you need at least 3 x 16g cartridges without missing one. As you could imagine 16g has more volume than 12g or 10g and so on. 16g is best suited from actual size and volume to carry on.
Remember the idea of these co2 cartridges is to provide you with a fast temporary solution to fill your tyre on the go. For example, after a tyre puncture and repair on the side of the road. You still need to ensure that your tyre is at the right operating pressure for safe driving and handling either through a carry-on pump or a tyre shop.

– Material: steel
– Color: silver
– Air cartridges 3 pieces
– 16 grams of CO2 per cartridge
– With screw thread
– Thread length: 9.4 mm
– Total length: 87.4 mm
– Thickness: 20.4 mm

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