Sea to Summit Voyager Vy3 Long Zipper Left Sleeping Bag Thermolit
“A top quality technical synthetic sleeping bag for environments where down insulation is not the best option” – Tim Macartney – Snape

While our ULTRA-DRY Down is a great insulation that drains the condensation produced in your tent, you can also imagine in a situations where this is not at all appropriate for the situation. Synthetic sleeping bags are top and a much better solution in fairly humid environments. They will always retain heat when they are wet or wet.

We have opted for our versatile mummy design and have replaced the down for an advanced soft and compressed THERMOLITE hollow fiber insulation. It is sewn using two layers. As a result, a better insulation has been obtained and therefore there are no longer any cold parts in the total sleeping bag.

The Voyager uses a 30D DWR nylon exterior and a soft and warm-feeling 50D polyester interior. The extra spacious neck area and head protection keeps moisture out and minimizes heat emission around the face. The sleeping bag has an extra large moisture pipe around the zipper that prevents heat loss at the zipper.

Interchangeable Mummy

The Voyager Mummy shape is made with a larger head section, wider shoulders, and a larger chest section for a larger, more comfortable sleeping bag with all the insulation that may be expected. The foot section is anatomically shaped for the natural position of the feet when you lie flat and comfortably. The addition of a zipper over the total length increases the possibility of using the sleeping bag in a cold weather sleeping bag with which you can easily get in and out of your sleeping bag with several clothes.

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