The MicroMo is the lightest regulated system with a compact design for the ultimate cooking experience. The system is easy to pack and unpack without jeopardizing your cooking skills. The MicroMo shows off our protected regulator technology to deliver unsurpassed simmering control and reliable cold weather performance (up to -6 ° C).

• Lightweight 0.8 liter FluxRing® cooking cup?

• Lightweight lid with drinking opening, spout and strainer

• Valve control developed by JetBoil for unrivaled simmering control

• Lightweight insulating cover

• Consistent performance up to -6 ° C

• Lightweight burner

• Igniter with push button

• Soil protector also serves as a measuring cup and scale

• Compatible with all JetBoil accessories

• Can store a 100g JetPower fuel tank

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