Wilbers shock absorber type 646 WESA-X Rear BMW R 1200 GS 2004—13

Consisting of a shock absorber type 640 with electronically adjustable damping in three steps –soft , –medium, –hard. The damping is modified electronically over a control unit in the cockpit (covering/handlebars) and can be mounted universally. The black box is installed centrally on the motorcycle. All parts include an ABE and 5 years warranty. In addition you have the possibility to add an electronically adjustable spring preload that was created in cooperation with the company TracTive Suspension. The unit is installed on top of the spring onto the Wilbers shock absorber. The E-PA can also be modified over the WESA-X control unit in the cockpit. Therewith the preload can be set in 5 steps for a maximum of 10 mm at the push of a button! Again, all parts are ABE certified and have 5 years warranty.
Important notes:
• Due to customization price and product picture may vary
• WILBERS shocks are specially manufactured to your requirements and therefore CANNOT BE RETURNED
• Expect around 3 weeks from the day the of order to delivery
• Please note height issues: if you choose to lower your bike you may have to lower your stand and possibly your center stand. Raising the ride height could cause an issue with the tires contacting the ground when on the center stand.

More about Wilbers Shocks:
Wilbers Shocks are the highest quality aftermarket shocks available today. Wilbers use high quality components together with extensive testing for every aspects of the shock. The result is a fully rebuildable shock with 5 years warranty and TÜV certificate.
Wilbers shocks can provide chassis improvements and better handling of the motorcycle than standard shock and fully compatible with BMW ESA Electronics.
The improvements come from the fact that Wilbers Suspension are fully customized and will be built specifically for the rider and not off the shelf shocks and also an improvement from BMW standard shocks that need to compromise to different riders and for everyday use.

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