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Product advice

Sure, we want to sell stuff. We are a commercial company but if you ask us a straight question about the quality of a product, we will give you a straight answer. We choose to offer good quality products, but we/you recognize that there are some products that are simply better than others!!

Are we qualified to give such advice? Yes, certainly we are! We are travelers – means we field tested lots of gear. Handy – technically savvy with a garage full of projects of all sorts. Reading – we do the

technical reading enthusiastically that some might not find interesting. Also, we have been selling these products for some years now so we have a wealth of feedbacks that can help you.

Planning your dream trip

Are you planning this dream trip? Or just got your first 1200 GS and want to kit for different purposes. Whether touring around the country, going through Europe or heading all the way to extreme Africa and Asia, we can help you to: configure your bike – dress for the occasion and provide you with Remote support 7 days a week– Technical and priority parts.

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